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Automate your short-term rentals

Focus on your personal touch, get your life back, and
become a more successful host.
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A look at    Messaging

4 messaging flows to save up to 32 hours.


From inquiry to booking

Automate all messages in your pipeline, from inquiry to reservation, with powerful options to increase your bookings.


Before, during, and after the stay

Schedule any automatic messages such as check-in or check-out instructions, welcome messages and reviews reminders.


Plan with cleaners, staff & owners

Immediately book cleaning or concierge services. Notify them of a cancellation. Inform owners in real time.


Fully adaptable to your guests

Publish reviews automatically, randomized from your templates. You can always control your feedback.

This is our features list.

This is why hosts trust us with +45,000 properties:

  • Tailor your guest experience for every stay.
  • Send native platform messages.
  • From booking enquiry to review publication.
  • Respond within 30 seconds (to improve your ranking!).
  • 29 supported languages for a superior guest experience.
  • Live Quotes to confirm rates in your guests' currency.
  • Short Codes to customize your messages.
  • Timezone Control to send messages at the right time.
  • Inbox to communicate and manage bookings.
  • new Teams to plan with cleaners, concierge, owners...
  • new Flights tracking to monitor your guests' flights and plan check-in.
  • new Automatic reviews to never write a review ever again!
  • new Auto approvals of new inquiries and expired pre-approvals.
  • new Review reminders skipped when the guest leaves a review.
  • Bend the software to your will with our white glove customer service.

No need to be glued to your device. You can work, sleep, enjoy life in peace.

You pick your strategy.

🚀 Automatic mode

Improve your ranking and boost your conversion rate! Automatic reply to your guests within 30 seconds, when your guests are still on the platform, and before they contact anyone else!

🛡 Defensive mode

Are you available? You may reply yourself using a prepared message. If you are not, the message will be automatically sent after some time (if you still need us, of course).

🐌 Passive mode

No messages will ever be sent, but you will immediately receive a prepared message for your response. You save time and retain absolute control.

Super easy to configure, adapt, test.

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🔮 Predictable

Not sure what will be written? Simulate what your messages would look like against previous inquiries and reservations, with live data.

✅ Pre-loaded with templates

No time required to set things up: adapt our pre-charged templates in English and French, activate when you are happy, and voilà, you are good to go.

Impress your guests, while you sleep.

The most common reply after an automatic message is Thanks.

🌎 29 languages, 44 currencies

We support 29 languages. If you have templates in one language, and your guest writes to you in that language, they will receive a reply in that language.

You may also give a quote with the total amount of the reservation, in your guest's own currency (including fees and taxes).

🤖 Customizable with smart short codes

Rather than copy-pasting a generic message to save time, you can now use smart placeholders that will be completed with data relevant for every guest, for every stay, for every inquiry or reservation.

From your guest's first name to their check-out date, up to 17 short codes are available to automatically personalize your message with actual details for each booking.

🎯 Adaptable with your own codes

With Custom codes, you can automatically adapt your message according to the specifics of each reservation or inquiry. For example, you may:

  • • Include instructions about a sofa bed when hosting 3 guests or more.
  • • Include a note depending on the duration of a reservation.
  • • Encourage a guest with many reviews to book.
  • • Ensure your guests will have a phone number, or a verified ID.
  • • Automate your entire vetting routine !

More than 20 conditions are available, each customizable with our short codes.

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This message would only be included if a guest has not verified a phone number.

Become a smarter host and join us today!

Join thousands of hosts that have chosen Smartbnb to automate their short-term rentals!

A complete game changer

“I have been able to automate all my routine messages. My response speed has improved dramatically and guests are happier with a more responsive host. I am left to deal with the more interesting thing!”


— Ahmad,
Host in London, UK

Life changing app

“As a property manager with over 50 listing, keeping on top of guest communication is one of the critical tasks for our business. Smartbnb has transformed what was previously an incredibly time-consuming activity to one that takes care of itself. A life changing app!”


— Stephen and Daniel,
Hosts in Melbourne, Australia

Perfect solution

“As a Superhost in Punta Cana, I was looking for a solution to respond to my guests during the night, and of course improve my response time. Smartbnb is perfect for hosts who are looking for a quick and easy solution to their needs.”


— Vasiliy,
Host in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Fantastic service

"When I started my property management and hosting business, I very soon realized that communication is one of the hardest tasks to keep up while hosting. On the same time, it is critical if you want to keep guests happy and well informed. Smartbnb has helped me so much to automate my whole communication and better organize my hosting service. They offer a fantastic customer service and they develop amazing new features continuously!"


— Konstantinos,
Host in Athens, Greece

Plain and simple

"Having a small business operation, I did not want to spend hours configuring everything, so I was relieved to see everything comes pre-configured right out of the box, including with pre-redacted check-in instructions. I am also amazed by the degree of customization Smartbnb can offer with such a simple interface."


— Sam and Jean,
Hosts in Paris, France

Guests are happier than ever

“As the founder of Smartbnb, I am also its' first user. I wanted to make sure that all my guests would have the most pleasant experience and obtain all the information needed to prepare and enjoy their stay, while reducing my involvement and removing any friction in the booking process. Since then, guests are happier than ever and always compliment my communication!”


— Pierre,
Hosts in Brussels, Belgium and founder of Smartbnb

Frequenty asked questions

Will I automate all of my communication with guests?

Messaging can be used to automate the repetitive part of your communication. With Messaging, you can adapt and personalize your messages automatically, rather than copy-pasting generic messages. We are working hard to automate the more interactive parts of your communications.

Are messages sent by e-mail?

The messages sent to guests are native messages, just like yours. Your guests will receive a copy of your message by e-mail, and a text message from the platform.

In case there is an issue with a guest, this means the platform's customer service team will be able to review all your messages sent through us (unlike emails).

In addition, native messages do not suffer any delays: they are immediately visible by your guests, and immediately accounted for in the platform's system.

Multilingual? How does this work?

We detect the language of your conversation, and will respond in this language, if you have written beforehand a template in that language.

We support Arabic, Catalan, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Icelandic, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Tamil, Thai, and Turkish.

Will this affect my experience as a guest?

The Messaging component will only collect messages from your Host inbox. It will never collect any messages that you may send or receive as a guest.

How will I know if a message is sent on my behalf?

You will immediately receive an email from us, with a copy of the message sent to your guest.

Will threads be marked as read?

Even if a reply is sent, the conversation with your guest will not be marked as read. This gives you a chance to review the conversation and address any additional questions from your guests.

What about timezones?

We don't want to wake up your guests in the middle of the night. Scheduled messages will always be received at a convenient time, between 09:00 and 21:00 in your guest's timezone.

This means we calculate the best time for messages sent before the check-in or after the check-out, so that your message has an actual chance of being read. More on this here.